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Conservation & Sustainability
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Save the Birds of the World in Oualidia & Beach Clean-up

Location: Lagoon & Ocean shore, Oualidia Morocco

What is the objective?

Oualidia’s lagoon is an exceptional site of ecological importance for bird conservation that extends over 12km. Protected by the RAMSAR Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, the lagoon is a stopover haven for most water bird species that migrate the east-Atlantic route between Spain and sub-Saharan Africa in Spring and Autumn. Rare bird species including pink flamingos, grey herons, great cormorants, storks and spatulas visit the lagoon during these times.

How do we help?

Our excursion “Bird Safari” is specifically designed to raise awareness to our valued guests and staff to show the value of the natural reserve and invite everyone to protect it.

Also, as part of La Sultana Hotels’ Sustainability & Conservation activities, La Sultana Oualidia teams spend time each day clearing the lagoon beach near the hotel, and every Thursday with the help of the local fishermen, bring any litter to the shore. Twice a year, every member of the La Sultana Oualidia team take part in a ‘Lagoon Clean Up Day’ in order to have a more significant impact on reducing the litter in the lagoon. 

In 2021, to help raise awareness of the lagoon’s important ecosystem, La Sultana Oualidia hosted it’s ‘Lagoon Clean Up Day’ on World Wetland Day, which celebrates the date of the Convention on Wetlands date of inauguration - 2 February 1971. 

How can you participate?

La Sultana Oualidia are pleased to work with the local community to ensure the local lagoon, beaches and town are clean and free of rubbish. The team invite volunteers to partake and will be delighted to provide a bag for them to put any discarded rubbish inside. Once finished, the bag can be returned to La Sultana Oualidia’s concierge who will ensure it is recycled or disposed of appropriately. Volunteers are then invited to enjoy a cup of Moroccan Mint tea as a thank you for helping to keep Oualidia clean. 

You can read about our actions and initiatives in our report about Conservation & Sustainability 

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