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La Sultana Oualidia

At the edge of the lagoon of Oualidia famous for oyster farms and flocks of pink flamingos, discover an ideal place for relaxation and rest

12 Chambres & Suites
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19 °C / 65 °F

Oualidia is a small village on the Atlantic coast, facing a salt water lagoon and beach where ocean and coast merge.
Oualidia is just a 2,5-hour drive from Marrakech and 2 hours from Casablanca and is the ideal place to unwind.
The magic of the lagoon and the tides, provides a constantly-changing back veil. Poised on the edge of the ocean, in a site of great ecological importance, Oualidia will attract, captivate, energise and sooth in equal measure.

The beauty of the natural landscape comes with an exceptional climate « mediterranean with oceanic influence » offering cool winters and fresh air in the summer.

Protected by the wind thanks to the lagoon land, the temperature is never too cold or too hot with a range between 12° in the winter and 26° in the summer.

Experiences you shouldn’t miss | 5 TIPS at La Sultana Oualidia

1 – Enjoy a perfect sunset while ordering Oysters with a glass of Moroccan white wine by the lagoon
2 – Ask the Conciergerie to organize a private pique-nique lunch on a secluded beach and, while crossing with the fishing boat, visit the oyster beds of Oualidia
3 – Try our the Bird Watching Safari: raise your awareness of this ecosystem and kayak up the lagoon to encounter many bird species with the help of a guide.
4 - After your Argan oil massage, order a ‘Moroccan Mint Tea’ while enjoying your private sea water Jacuzzi (in every room category)
5 - Try a surf lesson in one of the most well known spot on the planet for beginners and advanced surfers

Feel free to ask for more tips, more information on whatever activity you intend to do while in Morocco at the reservation time. Every day our Head Concierge and his team are at your complete disposal to book your restaurants, spa treatments, transfers or places of interest in advance of your stay.

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